The Causes of Hair Loss Explained

Losing one’s hair is actually a natural process, and just as your skin regenerates, so does your hair. When a strand falls out, a new follicle appears and the growth continues, which is the normal cycle of human hair regrowth. Hair loss occurs, when, for one reason or another, the new hair follicle does not grow correctly. There are many reasons why hair loss can occur, and here are some of the more common causes.


Alopecia is caused by the immune system mistakenly attacking the hair follicles. We are not completely certain why this happens, and the condition can be temporary, or as in about 10% of all cases, the hair loss is permanent. Of course, having bald patches or a receding hairline will not be good for a woman’s self-esteem, and fortunately, there are non-surgical treatments from specialist organisations such as Hair Solved, who have a range of solutions for hair loss.

Permanent Hair Loss

The condition is more likely to be permanent if:

  • There is a family history of hair loss.
  • The condition occurs before puberty.
  • Autoimmune disease is present.
  • You are prone to allergies.

If your hair loss is a permanent condition, there are non-surgical treatments that will allow you to live a perfectly normal life, and no one will ever know you have a hair loss issue.

Temporary Hair Loss

More often than not, the underlying cause of the hair loss is not permanent and very soon, new hair follicles regrow. The cause could be stress or trauma, or even diet, and once the hormonal balance has been redressed, your hair will grow as normal. Sometimes pregnant women suffer from temporary hair loss, and with non-surgical treatments, hair extensions are carefully woven into the existing hair, and this does not inhibit new hair growth. Once your hair has returned to its normal, healthy condition, simply have the extensions removed, and everything is fine.

Hereditary Origins

Alopecia is believed to be passed on genetically and it is not contagious, but more likely to affect someone with a family history of autoimmune problems. The extent of the hair loss can range from a small circular or oval patch, to the entire scalp, and the best treatments are non-surgical attachment of human hair extensions.

Online Solutions

Hair loss is a common occurrence and there are online studios spread across the UK, who specialise in treating hair loss in women of all ages. The process is safe and painless, and the professional technicians are highly skilled, leaving you with the perfect solution, and one that will not inhibit your active lifestyle in any way. After an initial consultation, the experts would recommend a treatment, and using human hair extensions, it is possible to cover up any degree of hair loss effectively.

Hair loss affects many women across the world, and modern treatments are non-surgical and last for many months, allowing the modern woman to live an active lifestyle with self-confidence.