The Art of Nail Care

They may be tiny, but nails can say a lot about you. It’s an often-neglected part of our grooming routine because who looks at them anyway? If they’re not looking their best then there’s always that easy fix of hiding them. But, the state of your nails can offer up clues on the state of your general health. Healthy and shiny nails means your overall health must be good. If they’re brittle and cracking then it’s a sign of something worse. Caring for nails isn’t hard to do though. There are also a lot of ways you can maintain them without making any major changes in your lifestyle.

The Fingertip Diet

Probably the aspect that affects your nails the most is your diet. You are what you eat, right? So, it makes it true that your fingernails follow your food. If your nails are looking duller than usual then it’s usually a sign that you’re deficient with folate rich foods. If you want your fingertips to look brighter and more youthful then go ahead and indulge in foods like peas, spinach, lentils, and beans. Aside from that try adding a little more protein to your diet. Protein is what makes up nails anyway so it would make sense to load up on these. The bottom line is, avoid processed and fatty foods if you want to have nice strong nails.

The Tools of the Tip

Proper care means using the proper tools. That means no biting your nails! There are some people who would rather not use a nail cutter and instead use their mouths for keeping their nails short. Or, when some people stress-out, they express it by uncontrollable biting. Either way, you’ll need to drop these habits. Start with the basic nail cutter and add helpful tools like files to keep nails looking smooth. If you’re the type who loves to indulge with good nail art (who doesn’t?) then get a nail polish that protects your nails. The Duri Rejuvacote Nail Growth System helps strengthen your nails from getting brittle and cracking. It’s a simple fix that can leave lasting results.

More Moisture Please

You always hear dermatologists and skin experts say how important it is to moisturize your skin. But, it’s also just as important to do the same to your nails. We often think that just because they seem hard and perpetually blemish-free, they don’t need the same care as skin. When in fact they do. No need to get a special nail care moisturizer as the one you use for your body will do.

The Cuticle Cutters

The base of our nails is often subjected to skin cutting. This part, known as the cuticles, holds are nails in place and prevents any bacteria from entering. While it might be tempting to hack of the skin, it’s actually quite dangerous to your nail health if you do so. Not only will you rupture the skin but you’ll expose it to infection which can be more painful than you imagine.