Suresmile Technology – Various Functionalities It Offers To People

If you are having misaligned or crooked teeth, then the most common options people have to treat this condition is braces. This method help in improving the shape of the teeth, but the wires and brackets deteriorates your smile.

To save people from such embarrassment, there is a new and advanced technology introduced to solve such orthodontic issues.

Use of this system straightens your teeth but also is very precise and accurate than other traditional orthodontic treatment. This method is called SureSmile. Learning about its features would help you make the right decision.

What is Suresmile treatment?

Suresmile does not use X-rays and plaster models. In this method, an orthodontist gets an elaborate three-dimensional computer model of the patient’s teeth. This model allows the orthodontist to accurately work out the movement of an individual tooth in the mouth.

Based on this information, orthodontists design and customize braces and arch wires to match patient’s tooth requirements perfectly.

It is a form of customized dental arch wires that are used by orthodontists to bring teeth in line. This method uses three-dimensional imaging, a robot and a treatment planning software to create the wires. is one of the leading company offering superior quality cosmetic dental treatments to their patients.

Features of SureSmile technology

Efficiency and quality

With this technology, accurate treatment methods are designed to ensure easy movement of the patient’s teeth to the correct position in an efficient way. This enhances the quality of your results and lowers treatment duration by 29%.

A person who undergoes this treatment does not go through the inferiority complex, discomfort and shyness that is generally associated with braces.

Superior level results

Suresmile is a cutting-edge technology, using which orthodontist offers you desired results in less time and with high precision.

No discomfort

SureSmile treatment lowers pain that is caused due to braces. This is because it reduces the extent of wire adjustments required at the time of treatment.

Easy aftercare

Unlike conventional dental treatment wherein a person is required to visit the dentist several times on a daily basis, Sure Smile technology requires less office visits. This reduces the hassles of aftercare and gives comfort to the patient.

A smile is very important to any person. Suresmile is a perfect and highly effective treatment that treats all your dental impairments without the need to wear braces.