Stricter Regulation of Beauty Salons Needed Following Laser Hair Removal Injury

Not all procedures that take place in a beauty salon are risk free. In fact, the salon can be a dangerous place, particularly when it comes to burns injuries. Recent news shows how a woman was left with severe burns and permanent scarring after she had laser hair removal treatments at a salon. Many of those in the cosmetic and beauty industry are backing calls for more intense regulation of the beauty industry when it comes to laser hair removal treatments.

What Happened in the Laser Hair Removal Burns Case?

Ms Jackson, a 41-year-old woman, went to a local beauty clinic to have laser hair removal on your legs in order to get rid of hair. But the therapist who was administering the treatment made a mistake with the laser and increased the intensity too much, resulting in burns. The clinic did not admit responsibility for the injuries sustained by Ms Jackson.

Ms Jackson followed the regulations and suggested procedures before the treatment, including advice about shaving the legs and not using sun beds. As the appointment was being carried out, she felt discomfort but the nurse assured her that everything was progressing as normal.

After she went home the extent of her injuries was revealed, with blistering, itching, and peeling patches appearing on her legs. She had to take antibiotics for an infection and the pain lasted over a month.

Stricter Regulation for the Laser Hair Removal Industry

Laser hair removal uses potentially very powerful lasers in very sensitive parts of the body. The risk of injury is increased when the lasers are operated by people who are not properly trained or are inexperienced in operating the equipment. Since the industry is not regulated, practically anyone could open up and operate a laser hair removal clinic without having to prove their capabilities and credentials. Tougher regulation, experts say, would make it less likely that women like Ms Jackson would suffer from burns and other painful injuries.

If you have suffered laser hair removal burns and want to find out about personal injury compensation, contact a specialist beauty claims lawyer. They will help assess your case and advise you on how to proceed further with a claim for compensation, should you wish to make it.

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