Stanozolol the Pros and the Cons

Stanozolol is the chemical name of the most popular anabolic drug that has been used by people of the bodybuilding community to have favorable changes in the body.  This drug is more popularly known as the Winstrol. It had been first marketed by the American pharmaceutical company Winthrop Laboratories in the year 1960’s in the U.S and by its partner Bayer as “Stomba” in Europe.  It can be used as oral tablets as it leads to the 17aa group where there is a modification of the 17α carbon. This leads to increased stability of the drug and allowing it to be stably present in the body to have more effects. The use of the stanozolol as performance enhancing drugs restricts its use in the many competitive sports.


Stanozolol has been used for decades by athletes for decades. It is a performance enhancing drug which took the world by storm and became a household name due to the many controversies which had been surrounding it. In the year 1988, Ben Johnson, Jamaican-born Canadian sprinter was stripped of the gold that he won in the summer Olympic on testing positive for it. Since then the use of synthetic steroid was banned by International Olympic Committee and International Amateur Athletic Federation due to the unfair advantage of the users over its competition. The significant effect of Stanozolol is more as it supplements the level of the natural Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) present in the body. Both males and females can safely use the drug. Winstrol helps the body in two ways it can increase the athletic performance, and in the cutting cycle, it leads to decrease in fat in bodybuilders before the main event. The steroid also has side effects and care should be taken to prevent these bad effects of taking place in the users.

Stanozolol – Beneficial Effects

The advantage of the Stanozolol is mainly due to the chemical modification of the drug. In fact, the 17α carbon alkylation leads to the resistance of degradation in the first pass of the liver in the metabolic cycle.  Winstrol has little effect in the off- season period when an individual is working to gain weight and is under training. It lowers the SHBG (Sex- Hormone- Binding-Globulin) which has a synergistic activity.  The role of Winstrol is well established during the cutting phase especially for the competitive athletes as it leads to the increase in the lean muscle mass of the body. These gains are more favorable and permanent in the long run. The steroid does not aromatize which provides an additive advantage to its use over others.

 Be Cautious Before Stanozolol Use

The anabolic steroid though most favored by people, it has some negative effects as well. While on this steroid you should be careful of your cholesterol levels. It increases the LDL in the body and decreases the HDL (good cholesterol) level of the body. To prevent these bad effects, care should be taken to include omega rich diet to counteract the side effects of the drug. It also suppresses the level of the natural testosterone in the body. This ensures the positive effect if testosterone is supplemented in the body. Care should be taken to prevent long-term negative impacts to the body.