Issues One Has To Face If Lasik Surgery Doesn’t Go Well

No matter how progressive or regressive a person is, he can never afford to sideline the issues related to eyes. In case you have ever faced something abnormal in your eyes, like regular itching, weak vision or something else similar to it, then wait no longer before visiting an eye specialist. There are various methods that he will suggest you to get rid of eye issues; the best of them is but the surgery. It shows amazing results in a quick time, which means that you don’t have to wait for months to see desired results.

Even though the results of lasik eye surgery are often positive, at times, due to many reasons, they can even have negative impacts on your health. Here are some of these problems that can occur from lasik eye surgery

Bacterial Infections

Just like any other surgery, the chances of bacterial infections in the case of lasik surgery cannot be avoided. If there are ten major risks associated with the eye surgery, the bacterial infection is biggest of them. The surgery creates a fully open site in the eye, which exposes it to the risk of bacterial infection. In some cases, this infection can even cause the permanent blindness or severe pain. The risk of vision loss in this type of surgery is about 1 in 10,000 cases. This number is very less, but still, there is nothing wrong in practicing caution to avoid that one negative case.

Risk of Dry Eyes

Tears are the sign that humans have emotions, both painful and happy ones. However, the chances of you losing the ability to bring out tears. The problem of dry eyes is something people don’t pay attention to; however, it’s not good for healthy eyes. In case the eye surgery doesn’t go as per planned, the chances of dry eye problem increase. It may further cause people to experience vision blurring or discomfort on a regular basis.

Vision Aberrations

Sometimes, when the surgery doesn’t go well, issues like starburst around bright lights, brief double vision, halos around excessive lighting, or any similar impact may cause problems for you. These are part of vision aberrations. Even though they don’t take away complete eyesight, having vision aberration may cause temporary problems which can be annoying.

There are many other issues that might occur if the lasik surgery doesn’t go well. So, make sure you pay complete attention to the surgery and try to execute it will 100% care and focus.


Laura is an experienced health professional who uses digital media to share valuable information with public from time to time.