Four Steps to Being a Work From Home Medical Coder

These steps would be the distinction between people who imagine working at home and also the those who do. As the steps may appear simple, each is essential and skipping one of them can alter your outcome dramatically.

By investing time and being focused on each step, a person without any prior experience of medicine is capable of a satisfying work from home coding career.


Being a work from home medical coder begins with proper education. Even though the industry itself doesn’t need any sort of education just before being a medical coder employers do. To become considered an applicant for any medical coding job 1 of 2 specific certifications should be acquired. Education ought to be focused on preparing individuals of these certification examinations.

Even though many educational establishments offer an array of coding and billing courses, levels, and certificates many either partly prepare individuals or require an over abundance of unnecessary educational courses.

When thinking about signing up for an academic course make sure the following:

~Education ought to be focused mainly on medical coding and incorporate merely a small part of medical billing.

~Education should focus 80% of sophistication time around the CPT medical coding book and yet another 20% on ICD-9-CM and HCPCS books v

~Fundamental anatomy and medical terminology should be either covered within the class or perhaps be a pre-requisite (these ought to be the only pre-requisites however)

Bear in mind that courses requiring a 2 year commitment to have an associate’s degree can be quite advantageous but aren’t needed. Acquiring coding certification and having a effective work from home medical coding job is unquestionably possible if you take the best 6 month coding course.


The correct education course will fully prepare it’s students to sit down for 1 of 2 medical coding certification exams. While greater than two kinds of certification exist the only real ones recognized and searched for after by employers nationwide would be the CPC and CCS certifications.

The CPC certification means Certified Professional Coder which is provided by the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC). The 2nd kind of certification may be the CCS, which means Certified Coding Specialist. This certification is provided through the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA).

Each certification requires visitors to take and pass their extended exam (five to six hrs). These exams aren’t cheap and could be very overwhelming if not prepared correctly. Finding an academic course that prepares individuals particularly of these exams is important.