Finding The Premier Jacksonville Med Spa FL

Although medical spas have been around for nearly two decades, over the last several years their popularity has exploded. There are several very good reasons for this rather predictable phenomenon.

Since the ancient Greeks first invented traditional spas several thousand years ago, spas have been seen primarily as places of relaxation, cleansing, and pampering. And hey, spas were a huge hit! Not much changed over the next couple of thousand years. In fact… during the Middle Ages, people thought baths were bad for your health! This meant that spas disappeared almost entirely for a few hundred years. Establishments like Thin MD, the premier Jacksonville med spa FL, were a long way off.

Finally, some innovation happened! In 1974, The Ashram, the first ever fitness spa opened in California. While still nothing like a new Jacksonville med spa FL which is so popular today, The Ashram was the first spa to combine traditional spa treatments with weight loss and fitness regimes. In 1997, the first ever true medical spas began opening in the United States. Frankly, med spas were a great idea. People all over America were still flocking to traditional spas all throughout the 20th century. But the fact is, these spas were not giving them all the treatments they desired. Doctors realized that there was an increasing large demand for medical-quality beauty, health, and wellness treatments administered in a relaxing, professional, physician overseen setting. This realization set the groundwork for Thin MD, a boutique Jacksonville med spa FL.

So, in 2017, what exactly is a medical spa, and why have they become so popular lately? Medical spas embrace the philosophy that looking good helps you feel good. Who could deny that these things are linked together? That is why med spas place a focus on powerful age-defying beauty and health treatments. Medical spas bring traditional old-world treatments and cutting edge medical treatments together under one roof for a revitalizing experience that is truly unlike any other.

Now that you understand exactly what medical spas provide, you need to find the premier Jacksonville Med Spa FL so that you can hurry up and begin your life changing treatments. Look no further than Thin MD Medspa, the Jacksonville med spa FL that is leaving all the others behind.

Thin MD Medspa is home to the highest-quality anti-aging treatments, hormone replacement therapy programs, Dr. driven weight loss & personal nutrition plans, plus much, much more.

Dr. Anthony Capasso, MD, is Thin MD Medspa’s Chief Medical Officer and the brilliant medical mind behind Thin MD Medspa’s incredible range of weight loss and age-defying products, programs, and protocols.

Dr. Capasso has utilized the latest medical research in the fields of diet and nutrition, as well as non-invasive laser therapies to create a wide range of top-tier transformative services perfect for anyone’s needs or goals. Approaching nearly two decades of medical experiences, Dr. Anthony Capasso has transformed the lives of hundreds of patients during the course of his career. Would you like to be next?